The Pothole Alert 311 App started out as a local pothole reporting invention and has grown into a civic reporting service for the nation. The goal is to create an efficient and low overhead system that will allow municipals to efficiently respond to civic issues.

Pothole Alert 311 is designed to accomodate the various needs of different municipals (including unique service codes). Reports can be sent via email, using the municipal's online form, Open 311 API, or direct server to server communications. Our system can set up a city within minutes to begin receiving reports.

Regarding pothole reports, Pothole Alert 311 is capable of filtering out regular roads vs. highway roads, and can also filter out specific county roads that are not supported by the city.

If budget is an issue at your department, we offer a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on our end to help you manage the various civic cases for your city.


Contact Us if you wish to use Pothole Alert 311 for your municipal.
We can rebrand the Pothole Alert 311 App for any city / county upon request.